The computer technology has revolutionized the state-of-art techniques in the field of information and communication technology since 1967. The whole world has become a Global Village by use of Internet. It has penetrated almost in all the spheres of life whether it is business, education, health, livelihood, agriculture, entertainment, defense, banking etc.

Computer engineers with their specialist skills in hardware and software play a key role in the advancement of high performance microprocessor technologies and their applications in devices, process and systems. It has resulted in many useful off-shoots of CSE & IT which are - E-business, E-commerce, E-management, E-governance, distant education, distant health, agriculture related information etc.

We have well experienced and qualified faculties in the department of CSE & IT. SBIT Campus has been networked for total connectivity and allow the students to work in the real internet environment. It has access to high speed internet which is provided through broadband leased line using microwave link. The department has well equipped laboratories that provide the facilities for conducting the laboratory classes which supplement the theory courses. The laboratories also provide infrastructural support (hardware and software) for carrying out the research and development work in various areas of Computer Science and Information Technology.

All laboratories are equipped with latest CORE 2 DUO Computers, scanners, printers. Department has both the Windows and Linux operating system with large number of licensed softwares. Special emphasis is being given to use of open source software.

Some of the Labs are :
   Data Structure & Algorithm Lab
   Operating Systems Lab
   Computer Graphics Lab
   FOCP Lab
   Web Development & Core Java Lab
   Object Oriented Programming Lab
   Multimedia Lab
   Intelligent System Lab using Prolog
   Visual Programming Lab
   Advance Java Lab etc.

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