Electronics and Communication Engineering is a core branch of Engineering, which deals with design of various electronics circuits and communication systems. There is large scope of development in this area. Employment opportunities are there both in manufacturing and IT Industries.

The department has qualified faculty, well planned and equipped hi-tech labs to impart practical training to students as per DCR University of Science & Technology syllabus.

We do not believe in kit culture. We have procured basic equipments like CRO, Power Supply and Function Generators. We encourage the students to assemble their own circuits and perform the experiments using these basic equipments. It helps the students to understand the actual working of the circuits at component level. Various simulation softwares are also available for the students.

Some of the Labs are :
• Electrical Engineering Materials and Semiconductor Devices Lab
• Network Theory Lab
• Electromechanical Energy Conversion Lab
• Electrical Workshop
• Electrical Technology
• Analog Electronics Lab
• Digital Electronics Lab
• Communication System Lab
• Numerical Methods Lab
• Electronics Measurement And Instrumentation Lab
• Analog Electronic Circuit Lab
• Microprocessor And Interfacing Lab
• Electronic Circuit Simulation Lab
• Digital System Design Lab
• Microwave Lab

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