Shaping Careers 2012 held at Campus

Be the Change you want to see in the world

With this pantomime, SBIT organised its 3rd Annual Career Counseling Summit - Job Awareness and Guidance Opportunity (JAGO) named Shaping Careers 2012 in the campus itself.

With the two day summit for 27th and 28th of September, the campus came alive with erudite luminaries, discussions and expertise sessions with the greatest of great maestros in the field of education. The dignitaries provided a complete mandate to all the basic queries that the students generally have and guided the students to seek the best after their baccalaureate.

The summit welcomed the speakers from all the corners of the nation possessing the maestros in their respective fields.

The two day summit had a splendid opening by a ferocious inaugural session with the presence of Dr. Neerja Pande, Prof. at IIM Lucknow and presently Director Jaypee Business School, a flagship of knowledge with her meek and gentle personality, who has devoted her entire life to the education section of the nation. She is also the member of the academic advisory council of SBIT, discussed about how the fundamentals of life are important for the building of development throughout the life. Her very sweet yet practical words taught us about the basic 4 ‘Cs’ of life namely, Competence, Character, Context and Contemplation.

Mr. Vishwa Prakash, HR Leader, IBM Global Services, IBM India Ltd who was consented as the Guest of Honour discussed the essential pre requisites for the selection in any organisation.

Mr. Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, Simply HR Solutions was also consented as the Guest of Honour. A prolific personality and a diversified Manager, Mr. Singh discussed about the five basic yet substantial points for the successful sustenance in the IT Industry. He discussed about: Planned Career, Switching of jobs on right time for self development, Planned Steps for the ongoing development, Surprises that we always get through going in the professional life, Handling Pressure; a vital aspect that is required to be successful in the corporate life, and in the end about the Interesting Trends that the industry follow, the sudden changes and the gleaming baits that are being offered.

A developed nation is in the hands of the fresh young technocrats who are actually the builders of the nation and contribute to its development. To avid that, we at SBIT had an annual anecdote named My Vision 2020, to see where the students visualise themselves eight or nine years down the line. The visions that came out were avid and rhapsodic.
A prize distribution ceremony for the same was also done in the same august summit, the top-notch student for the best vision was Dilpreet Singh Dev from Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Department and he secured the first position for the best vision and Onkar Sharma from Management Department received the special appreciation. Dr. Pande conferred them the awards and the token of appreciation.

The events rolled on to the second day recognised and reputed speakers from all nook and corners of the nation attended the summit and shared their experience with the students to enable the young learners to imbibe and be successful in the everyday learning of the life.

The mega event had been a bench mark for the Institute. Chairperson, Ms. Sushil Yadav along with the Vice Chairman, Mr. Rajesh Yadav were delighted and praised the august gathering saying it has been gracious opportunity for the institute to host such eminent dignitaries and the event to be remembered to lead the institution to great heights.

On the 2nd day of the summit, Mr. Nitin Gera, Delivery Group Manager, Mercer talked about the expectations of Industry from the fresh graduate engineers. Mr. Ashutosh Yadav, Technical Consultant, TCS Group undertook workshop for GATE preparation and talked about job opportunities in PSUs.

At the same time, 1st round placement interviews were held by various companies that included, Look Monk Technologies, Building Blocks and

On this occasion, Dr. R.K Sharma, Director SBIT advocated the need of motivational summits not only add feather to the institute but are very important for the proper development and augmentation of the career of the students.

The students were also satisfied and acclaimed that it is the knowledge only that ascertains the identity of any individual in the society redefining their visions for the best to gleam and acquire.