SBIT Corporate Excellence Programme

In Collaboration with HCL, Building Blocks & CADZone

We at SBIT strongly believe that University curriculum is designed to be at par with some of best university curriculums in the country.

What is required at top priority is to align this with the requirements of the industry. SBIT in association with some of the leading companies in the world has designed unique programme - SBIT Corporate Excellence Programme. It is NOT a training programme.

This complete programme works as follows:

This complete programme works as follows:
1. Regular subjects are taught for the complete duration of the course
2. Evaluation is done based on
a. Internal Components
i. Project & Seminar
ii. Class Participation
iii. Attendance
b. External Components - Final Semester Examination
3. Marksheets will be issued to students at the end of every year.
4. A joint Certificate and final marksheet will be given to all the students at the end of last Semester of the course by SBIT and the associated company.

In summary, this is a complete technical programme, designed, executed & evaluated by the industry and runs parallel to the regular university programme.