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Clubs @ SBIT


Attending SBIT is more than just attending classes. Getting involved in campus activities is just as equally important to your college experience. SBIT offers a variety of clubs and organizations to match your interests and participate in activities such as drama, social services etc under the umbrella of seven clubs.

The club works for the personality development of the students and has been named Essence. The club enables students to improve their confidence, public speaking skills. Several activities inculcate the art of walking and carrying oneself to achieve their respective goals.

Koshish means effort that relatively means to step up and initiate betterment for imparting normal standard of living or rights. This club includes keen members to work for the under-privileged and help them to understand the nuances of life which indeed is a noble cause.

Kalakriti has been set up for the students to showcase their talents and skills. Traditional activities like rangoli making, poster designing help the students to polish their creativity.

Dynamos the sports club has been set up to provide students having their strong footprints in sports and strengthen their bones and also generate a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition to the students. From Cricket to hockey, snooker to rugby, football to chess.

Techquest the technical club of SBIT has been formed by the young budding genius engineers for the development of the technical skills. The club activities include interesting games and many intellect aspects for the intellectual integrity and creative skills of the young engineers.

The Management club is an effective resource for student aspiring to be successful manager in their own profession. The various activities are carried out to improve their decision making skills, preparing them for group cohesiveness and other skills in their concerned field.

This is a club for those want to take part in several cultural activities and wants to enjoy the Institute life and want to enhance their singing, dancing, acting skills. Cultural club includes all the cultural activities like music, dance, dramatics, fashion parade and many more. The name of the club is SPUNK.