Corporate Mentorship Programme (CMP)

Corporate Mentorship Programme


SBIT has started a unique Corporate Mentorship Programme. Corporate Mentorship is the unique feature of SBIT which gives
the student cutting edge into the industry. Key points of this programme are:

• Corporate Mentor is assigned to student
• Students can take the guidance and have interaction with these corporate leaders on regular basis
• The students can also support the corporate leaders in their official work which helps the students to get the corporate exposure. With the help of their mentor, students can correlate theoretical and practical knowledge.
• We have a unique combination of Industry and Technology mentors to give students real insights into the technology of corporate world.

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but they must have a certain area of expertise. It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn. Interaction with an expert may also be necessary to gain proficiency with/in cultural tools. Mentorship experience and relationship structure affect the "amount of psychosocial support, career guidance, role modeling, and communication that occurs in the mentoring relationships in which the protégés and mentors engaged.

Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the protégé).

Industry mentor: This is someone who doesn't just focus on the profession. This mentor will be able to give insight on the industry as a whole. Whether it be research, development or key changes in the industry, you need to know.

Technology mentor: This is an up-and-coming, incredibly important position. Technology has been rapidly improving, and becoming more a part of day to day transactions within companies. In order to perform your best, you must know how to get things done on the newest technology. A technology mentor will help with technical breakdowns, advise on systems that may work better than what you're currently using, and coach you through new technology and how to best use it and implement it into your daily life.


Corporate Mentorship Programme


Meta-analysis of 112 individual research studies found mentoring has significant behavioral, attitudinal, health-related, relational, motivational, and career benefits. These benefits for a mentee depend on which of the different (not mutually exclusive) functions is performed by the mentor. Originally, the concept of mentoring functions was developed based on qualitative research in a organizational context with functions being subsumed under two major factors: psychosocial support (e.g. role modeling, friendship, emotional support, encouragement) and career-related support (e.g. providing advice, discussing goals). An early quantitative approach found role modeling to be a distinct third factor. In mentoring for college success, a fourth function concerning knowledge transfer was additionally identified. Later research also found this function in the context of mentoring creativity.