Think for a moment of all that you might do today. You could call your best friend or travel by car or metro to see your “friends” or else you could explore your smart phone applications. You might check Facebook to see what your “friends” are up to and update your page with the photos or status. Now think for another moment about how all those possibilities came to be. Think of the process you need to follow to develop the things – Experimenting, Researching and Inventing .

On behalf of SBIT, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to an institution that seamlessly blends the realms of engineering and management, where innovation and leadership converge. As the Director of Research, I extend a warm and visionary welcome to each of you

The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the need for innovative solutions is greater than ever. As a student at SBIT, you have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research that transcends traditional boundaries. Whether you are passionate about engineering marvels or strategic business solutions, our research initiatives provide a platform for you to explore, experiment, and make a lasting impact. In SBIT faculty explore, ponder, research and discover. Students are encouraged to open their minds and proactively create real world solutions. The Institute provides research and intellectual resources to address problems faced by the industry and the world, while advancing the boundaries of disciplinary and multidisciplinary research and its applications. 

Our close collaborations with the companies create a wealth of research options. For example, in the area of mechanical engineering, our students are working together on projects in such diverse areas as ATV (All Terrain vehicle), Robotics projects for ECE and Java, .Net in the area of Computer Science. Cultivated by such a creative environment, students and researchers enjoy the freedom to do better science, work across disciplines, be more innovative, become entrepreneurs, and take risks—all with the aim of making a real difference in the world. Whether you are a gadget guru, a theory maven, or just plain curious about the increasingly fascinating role that science and engineering play in our lives, I encourage you to explore with us.

Your time at SBIT is an opportunity to not only acquire knowledge but also to shape the future through your research contributions. I am confident that your experiences here will propel you towards a future marked by excellence, innovation, and leadership. 

Welcome to SBIT. May your journey be filled with discovery, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities that arise from the synergy of engineering and management.

Prof. Jagdish Prasad
Director (Research)
Former Senior Scientist, DRDO