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Tikona Digital selected 12 students at salary of Rs. 4.2 lacs/ annum

Tikona Digital visited SBIT campus on 22 Sept 2011 for campus hiring of B.Tech and MBA Students and selected 12 students at a salary of Rs. 4.24 Lacs/ annum. List of the selected students is given below:

Rishu Bohra

Ajay Gulia

Vaibhav Singla

Vishal Siroha


Sahil Malhotra


Arpit Tyagi

Suresh Joshi

Vishal Bhatia

Sunny Mittal

Mohit Mittal


Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) is engaged in building the next generation wireless broadband services for home and enterprise customers in India. TDN has an all India Class-A ISP license granted by the Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India, for this purpose. TDN envisions a powerful Broadband-enabled India and will make all possible contribution to make this happen.

TDN would also be building a comprehensive services framework that can deliver leading edge voice, video, IT applications and multimedia content services over any broadband or IP-centric network. Such a framework can be outsourced by service providers globally, who desire to offer next generation services to their customers. TDN has engaged the best-in-class technology partners to build the required capability frameworks.

CSI Student Chapter Launched at SBIT

On 23 September 2011 SBIT launched the student chapter of Computer Society of India (CSI). In the launching ceremony, Mr R K Vyas, Regional Vice President, Reigon I, CSI  awarded the certificate to Ms. Sushil, Chairperson, SBIT enabling the Institution to be enrolled as student chapter of the CSI fraternity. Prof. M N Hoda, Regional Student Coordinator, CSI was also present at the function. He expressed his delight and congratulated the membership awarded to SBIT.

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