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SBIT Students reaches finals at IIT Roorkee

In recently concluded Cognizance 2014, Annual Technical Festival at IIT Roorkee as held from 21-24 March 2014, students of SBIT did exceedingly well in various Robotics events.

Krishana, Kumar Kaustubh and Vikash Ranjan (II year ECE) participated in Robotics events like Robo sapiens, Cyborg breakin and Junkyard wars. In Junkyard wars, they were able to proceed to the final round, eventually claiming 4th position.

Other group of students from the Institute, Dhruv Kumar Jha and Sushant (II Year ECE) along with Pawan Kumar Singh (II Year EEE) participated in Cyborg breakin and got 6th position.

Rishabh Kaushik, Amal Rastogi (II Year EEE) along with Prakhar Verma and Kartik Narang (II Year ECE) participated in Robosapiens and got 5th position.

It is worth mentioning that students from about 200 various Institutes all across India had participated in this Festival.