2nd Convocation held at the Campus

Convocation - 2012

 “Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.”

With these erudite words SBIT and SBIM hosted its Second Convocation on July 1, 2012 in the presence of Dr. Yasho V Verma, Chief Operating Officer, LG Electronics India Ltd. It was a great honor for SBIT to have such a prominent personality as the Chief Guest for the occasion. Along with Dr. Verma Padamshree Dr. Pritam Singh, witness the opening of the 2nd Convocation while the glow of the setting sun ablaze the campus.

Ms. Sushil Yadav (Chairperson, SBIT), Mr. Rajesh Yadav (Vice - Chairman, SBIT) and Dr. R.K Sharma (Director, SBIT) extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished excellencies. Padamshree Dr. Pritam Singh congratulated all the graduates for the successful completion of their degree and entering the world of professionals.

The programme commenced with Academic Procession with an auspicious lamp lightning and Saraswati Vandana followed by the welcome address by Dr. Pritam Singh and presentation of the academic report of the institute. The chief guest presented the degrees and awards of excellence to the students of Class of 2011 (B.Tech, BBA, MCA, PGDM, MBA).

Setting the new trends in the field of achievements our students Ms. Anu Bhutani, Ms. Vinav Bansal, Mr. Gaurav Mahendru and Ms. Baby Rani received “Chairman Gold Medal of Excellence Award”. The Institute not only recognized the students for their academic performance but praised their contribution to the Institute throughout their academic year. “Shri Balwant Gold Medal of Excellence” for the year 2011 was awarded to Ms. Anu Bhutani. For overall performance in all the fields the “Chanderawati Student of the Year Award” for the year 2011 was given to Ms Esha Prabhakar.

Dr. Yasho V Verma, the consented chief guest in his address shared his experience about the quality of one’s life may be shaped by the quality of decisions that taken from career while pursuing the act of being positive while performing his duties.

Padamshree Dr. Pritam Singh, Prof. of Eminence congratulated the students receiving an honour and ready to step in an environment to excel and grow, amidst hard economic measures and slow growth. Recruiting the right talent with a clear vision and goal would continue.

Chairperson Ms. Sushil Yadav was delighted and said “Hard work and competitiveness have rightly earned you, your ever-deserving destiny. The young budding engineers have made their family Institution and others proud”.

Prof. (Dr. ) R.K. Sharma, Director of the Institute expressed his views and said “You have just opened the gateway to success, do not lay down your arms, pursue knowledge and serve your organization and you will succeed”.  Speaking to the students he reminded them that noble values of sharing and sacrifice reflected in the Vedas gives wisdom & courage transcending to ‘true successes.

Students threw their caper & caps to celebrate the convocation fervor delighted & joyous expressed their grate tide to the alumni.

“Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness”, with this intellect thinking and in a patriotic onshore with the National Anthem, SBIT & SBIM marked the end of its Second Convocation.