Explorica 2019 Celebrated at Campus

SBIT, Sonepat (NCR Delhi) celebrated theĀ Annual Inter College Cultural and Sports Fest – Explorica 2019 on 1 March 2019 with great fervor and enthusiasm.

Explorica 2019 provided an atmosphere that nurtured students who were encouraged to do what they believe in. The 1 day fest was a blend of cultural, literary and sports events encapsulated with the creativity of the students and sponsored by some renowned brands.

The fest had a diverse spectrum of On Stage and Off Stage events. There were competitions comprising of dance, music and fashion shows It showcased the talent of the students and other

The fest was a big hit as a result of rigorous hard work of the core team and the endeavor of the organizing team. The student participation in various competitions spoke of the interest shown and the young minds worked diligently to achieve their own success and gain more experience.