National Conference on Mobile Applications & Security held at Campus

National Conference on Mobile Applications & Security was organized by SBIT on 15-16 October 2010 in the campus. It was sponsored by HCL.

The Key Speaker, namely Dr. N.S.Gill, Head of Computer Science Department, MDU, Rohtak, applauded the Chairperson Ms. Sushil and the Management for the exemplary programs being often held at SBIT and recognized it to be as a premier institution in Haryana.

Dr. Gill a noted educationist and the keynote speaker had also been a recipient of Commonwealth Fellow Award. He spent quite sometime gleaming on the subject, revealing the truth of technology and how it has become a part of diurnal life. He expressed his delight in the various applications and while presenting the technical session discussed the subjective and objective use of the technology in the various walks of life, hence enabling intelligent use of technology operation and improvement of the systems. It is a joy to note that technology could amalgamate man with technology and intelligence as often, we see that common man too is being able to blend with the requirements of operating the machines. Indeed a proud moment for the country to realize the need of perpetual education and strengthen her socio economic status. Madam Sushil, Chairperson SBIT was delighted and along with the Vice Chairman Rajesh Yadav gracefully acknowledged the compliment from Dr. Gill. The students gathered at Auditorium proudly and cheered the Institute as Dr. Gill exclaimed the noteworthy contribution of the Institution.

Ms. Sapna Sharma, Director, Axvon Consulting, spoke about information and communication system which received  positive response from the students present in the auditorium.

Mr. Gurpreet Sachdeva, Principal Systems Engineer, Aricent,  spoke about Mobile Security in next generation usage which would transform information systematically.

Mr. Kishore Jetwani, Head, Professional Services, Motorola India Pvt.Ltd gave an interesting presentation on the various new applications for mobiles

There were several presentations from the Faculty members and the students. Three venues were chosen for the technical presentations where the students and faculty members presented their papers. The following topics were the part of the presentation given by the students:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Security
  • Networking
  • Next Generation Wireless Communication
  • Mobile Computing combined with Artificial Intelligence


Students from the 2nd yr presented a note worthy paper which deals with communication through optics using one of the latest technologies called ‘The Free Space Optics (FSO)’. It may sound new and empirical but it predates optical fiber and has its roots in wartime efforts to develop secured communication systems which did not require cable and withstand radio jamming.

Some moments remain as memoirs to cherish. Such a Conference contributing knowledge to the highest level, improving the proficiency of the students, benchmarking the Conference and it would remain touchstone to all.