National Conference on Recent Trends in Recruitment Industry

National Conference on Recent Trends in Recruitment Industry saw the light of the day at SBIT, Sonepat. The pace of change accelerated in recent decades producing waves in business and society. After the recent recession the markets like the legendary phoenix became powerful and successful again. The business paradigms of competitive strategy dismantled visibly in rampant mergers and acquisitions which have opened the doors for the H.R. and the customary growth of the status for HR has been phenomenal.


The Chief Guest Mr. C. S. Raju, General Manager (HR), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. believes HR is for the business but the business of HR is people. The truth, like a ‘thundering flash’ for the best business is the business which speaks of a sound organization equipped to meet the world of opportunities as it is the need of the hour. The leading contributor for the Global Economy is the skilled yet young population of India. Hence it is just but though paradoxical, with billion youth population of India becomes the youngest nation to cater to the varied professions like auto mobile, telecom and the oil sector. The growth is phenomenal and the scope can reach the sky. Yet the search is focused to the sustainable competitive advantage to choose the right people for the right trade.


Ms. Jatinder Peters, GM (HR)-Head Coordination, Head Delhi Office, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC). as the Guest of Honor at the conference in a simple introduction brought home the truth from the myth encircling the ‘recruitment gossips’ that it is but an ‘elusive art’ of being fit to become a well rounded personality with a sound knowledge. Mr. Gurusharan Singh Asst. Vice President, Tech Mahindra focused how the career could be built even if you start with mid sized organization. At the venue Mr Gurpreet Singh, Director, Institutions at felt that technology should be leveraged to make companies & colleges reach out to each other, and it is India’s only online end to end campus recruitment platform. At the conference Ms. Sushil Yadav, Chairperson, SBIT and Mr. Rajesh Yadav, Vice Chairman, SBIT proudly declared that the twin Institutes mould students to be emphatic to manifest themselves in their professionals effectiveness & reality.


The highlight of the second session was panel discussion which was chaired by Ms. Jatinder Peters and othe panel members were Mr. Ashish Saxena VP, Mindlance Inc. Mr. Gurusharan Singh AVP Tech Mahindra, Mr. Gurupreet Singh Director, Cocubes.


The students were full of inquisitive enquiry about their futuristic career possibilities. The eminent panel members gracefully took the stage to satisfy their quest. The students received the information to change their stand for better future placement offers.