SBIT is celebrating Explorica-2010 on 28-29 october


A luminous phenomenon appearing as bands of light visible in night sky which illuminates the horizon as a greenish glow of faint red as if sun were rising from an unusual direction.
The cultural fest of SBIT celebrates the spirit of team work and excellence and brings forward the special light of ambience. The essence is to provide an invigorating and creating platform to showcase the exuberant talents of those gifted in their art.
As the brilliant display of skills and talents catapults itself into a stunning display of art in its finest form, it promises to ensure the senses of those who behold and bewitch the mind of those who listen. It invites you to a mesmerizing trek in virtual fantasy where temptations run wild and passion rules. It drills canvas of life giving an opportunity to be truly alive and full pulsating heat of desire.


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