School of Graduate Business Studies



School of Graduate Business Studies provides Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), which is a three-year full time degree programme which includes 6 semesters.

The BBA program aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. It prepares students for executive career in business and other organizations. The program assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions, an organizational unit or an enterprise.

The BBA degree is many a times referred to as the golden passport, since it gives its holder an edge in the job market by opening more doors of opportunity. The degree helps the graduate to fulfill potential for high earnings, increased responsibility, and greater personal development. The present decade has been labeled as the era of business, business administration and business graduates. The potential of this course is not emitted to the extent of Finance; Marketing and Human resource only, a graduate is armed with a future specialized course to pursue such as MBA, C.A., C.S. and ICWA.

Course Organisation

The courses of the BBA program are offered at four inter-related levels in different years of study. The first strata of courses broaden the general educational base of the student as well as acquaint him/her with basic languages of communication like English, Mathematics and Computer. Further, courses extend to acquaint the student with the analytical tools and environment, and include courses like behavioral science, accounting, economics, statistics, business environment etc.


Every student goes through a wide spectrum of experiences which include the Organization Structure Study, Outbound Training, Book Reviews, Business Competitions, Summer Internships, Industry visits, Current Affairs & Weekly Presentations and Dissertation.

Emphasis is on the value of practical work experience in all professional degree programs. Between the second and third year of study, BBA student usually intern with a suitable business organization. This internship is an integral component of the business program, which lead them to experience the real challenging spectrum of all management approaches. The training program prepares young minds for challenging managerial opportunities of the 21st century with a global awareness rooted in the Indian soil, nourished by the wisdom of the great management gurus. As part of teaching methodologies, we incorporate corporate lectures, simulations, case studies, live projects, role plays, group activities etc.


The professional programme has a delineated orientation towards incubating students for practical work in the Business Administration Environment. A student is taught a wide array like:

Career Spectrum

Higher studies options after BBA

A BBA graduate, like any other programme, can pursue further studies in various disciplines.

MBA – This is one of the most popular options. The candidates will be to join the corporate world in Managerial roles after the course.

MCA – Candidate can choose this option if they fulfill criteria’s like having pursued Mathematics in 12th and one year of graduation. The criteria’s varies from institute to institute.

Post Graduate Diploma – There are various specialization like Finance, Information Technology etc.

Career scope after BBA

Candidate will need to join the firms at the executive level. These candidates are preferred for positions like HR and also Finance. With experience they will be able to grow to higher heights. It is important that the candidates pursue a career in an area where they believe their interest lies.

Jobs in Government Sector after BBA

In the Government sector the candidates must check the notifications for job opportunities regularly. They must visit portals for the same too. They have the option to apply for the jobs as per their interest. Some of the jobs preferred include the banking jobs. The nationalized banks are in need to candidates of this profile as they can use them for multitasking. Also another option available is that Civil Service stream. Also they have the option to appear for state level exams like PSC or the railways test etc.

Other certification courses after BBA

The candidates have a wide range of areas from which they can select the courses to be pursued. In the Finance field they can opt for courses like ICWAI, CA etc. In the Information Technology field they can opt for courses like programming courses from institutes like NIIT, APTECH etc. They can also go in for learning Networking related courses, SAP etc. Courses need to be decided keeping in mind the career aspirations and also the scope after them.

Real Exposure with Stimulating Environment

School of Graduate Business and IT studies offering BBA attracts talented, energetic, creative students who are known for their strong work ethic and technical capabilities. At SBIT, students experience innovative coursework directed by leading scholars in business. 

Here one has the opportunities to connect with the industrial experts through our alliance like NHRDN, AIMA and MAS for applied learning, mentoring, and general life-experience lessons. As part of the widely-renowned modern campus, undergraduate students enjoy access to an unlimited wealth of activities, clubs, and life-changing opportunities.

Our school has a long tradition of innovation in how we teach and what we teach, particularly through our applied-learning activities. Students apply classroom knowledge to real-life experiences such as the 'Leadership Hunt Competition, which awards the best leader comprehending distinguished traits out of tens of thousands of competitors.

As an SBIT BBA student, you join a friendly and challenging environment where you can build an experience for yourself. Surrounded by a vibrant campus life and modern pedagogy, the School of Business & IT studies is an ideal place to work, play, and make a difference in the world around you.